Thank you, Pastor Rob for the furniture and the money blessing.  Our Participant has never had anything so nice, and is now able to make a home for her children!!  We have the best advisory board in the WORLD!!!

2019-10-01 11.21.21.jpg

Aldis is always right on time for us!!!  Thanks to their generous weekly donations, many of our participants can feed their families and themselves while they repair their circumstances!!  Thank you, Aldis for your care for your neighbors!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

We not only have food donations, but our people are generous with their clothing as well.  Thank you, Amy Raburn for all the generous donations of time, clothing, food and the like.  We cannot thank you enough for all your work!!  When we finish our building, we can supply our people generously with work clothing!  

2019-11-05 11.43.01.jpg
2019-11-05 11.43.00-1-1.jpg

These pictures do not provide a full picture of all the blessings that our people have been given.  We have had concerned people provide funds for an apartment.  If you have ever had to wonder where you will next sleep, then you can understand the stresses that many of our people face.  Others have donated to help with costs of license restorations or car repair/purchases.  We are so grateful for EVERYTHING that our neighbors provide, and can make a difference in lives and in our communities with YOUR help.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!