Housing.  Our participants are seriously in need of a place to live.    Many  are homeless, and others have to live in circumstances that are not conducive to sobriety, because they are forced to live with using relatives or friends.  We need housing assistance, either in actual rental assistance, or housing vouchers, or housing partnerships with local landlords who may be willing to rent to our participants.  It is difficult to maintain sobriety when one is homeless.


Employment.   Our participants want and need to work.  We need partnerships for employment, so we can provide our participants with an employer base willing to hire them.

We need clothing for our participants and their families.  Many have no access to appropriate work attire, and some very little access to much.

We need funds for our participants to obtain birth certificates or other identification that allows them to obtain employment.


Since we are grant funded, we regularly need money for supplies for paper, pens, office supplies, and lab supplies, such as water,  gloves, hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper.  


We try to provide gift cards for our graduates, and we have a small fish bowl of candy, laundry or personal hygiene items and the life for doing well in the program.  We are always in need of gift card donations/gift donations/prize donations for fish bowl or for graduations.


We need people willing to provide sponsorships for our food for graduations.


We need those willing to be AA and NA sponsors for our participants.  In addition, we need tutors for our GED particpants.


We need gently used computers, which we could have scrubbed for our participants' use.

We have our participants perform community service hours while in the program.  We need community service placements for them to utilize.