While in the program, Participants are required to accomplish numerous things:

   1.  They are required to call in daily for random drug screens, which includes call-ins on holidays and weekends.  They are drug tested at least twice per week randomly.  Missed screens count as positives, and are not allowed to be made up.  Positive and/or missed screens are sanctioned with jail or community service.

   2.  They are required to attend groups based on treatment recommendations and attend case manager meetings weekly.  Any missed groups are sanctioned, as is lateness to a group, even if one minute late.

   3.  They have dress codes for groups and/or court.

   4.  They must complete a GED, if necessary, and obtain a job offering sustainable employment, and which reflects taxes being paid.

   5.  They must attend a minimum of 4 community meetings per month  (i.e. AA meetings, NA meetings, Celebrate Recovery) and write critiques of the meetings.

   6.  They must attend Court twice per month until phase 4, and then one time per month until graduation.

   7.  They must ask permission to take any medication, even prescription, and including over the counter medications.

   8.  They must stay away from prohibited establishments.

   9.  To graduate, they must complete a giving back project at an approved site, perform a minimum of volunteer hours and include a summary of why the project was chosen, complete a continuing recovery plan, and have had a minimum of 120 days of sobriety with no sanctions.

   10.  They must maintain an ethic of honesty.  They acknowledge that honesty is a large part of their recovery.

   11.  They must pay program fees.

   12.  They must abide by curfews and have surveillance checks.